Digital Vibez, a local non-profit 501(c)(3), started hosting Jamathons in 2011 to motivate and inspire children to dance, stay fit, and live healthy lives! The event is now one of the largest summer camp events with over 2,000 students, staff and directors every year! The sole purpose of KidsFit Jamathon is to motivate children to live active and healthy lives by showing them that exercise can be fun. Our goal is to reach and inspire all under-served children in Palm Beach County, with your help! This event features a fun day for the community filled with lots of activities that the kids will not forget! Our entire event is designed with the camps and families in mind. We will be providing various fitness activities to encourage them in adopting healthy behaviors to help combat the obesity epidemic haunting many of our underserved communities; where many of our camps come from.

There will be Crazy Games Kidz Zone, Obstacle Courses and other fun games and activities.  There will also be:

  • A Dance Competition with $500 to the First Place Winner
  • A Banner Contest for one site to win FREE Entry into next year’s Kids Fit Jamathon 2K19!

Our mission is to educate youth in diverse and underserved communities through dance fitness, technology and the arts.

We look forward to your involvement and thank you for your commitment to help us motivate and educate youth about health and fitness.