Programs We Offer

We designed our programs to be mobile. This means, we come to you! Schools, Community Based Organizations; anyone can benefit from our programs. Individuals, schools, and communities of all backgrounds and economic status are welcome to reap the benefits of our long list of diverse programs.

Our Programs Include:

Fitness Jams: We will be mixing hip-hop style dancing with Latin dance moves and island beats. Dances are kid-friendly and repetitive so the even youngest dancer can keep up and feel good about dancing.  This 2 hour fitness party includes DJ, lighting, dance instructor, premium sound and dance fun!

Hip Hop Dance:  We will bring a fresh, new energy to your Afterschool program with our Hip Hop and Step Dance classes! Youth will be engaged in physical activity to promote wellness while using team building and positive music to nurture their relationships and self-esteem. Youth will have fun learning steps and infusing their own moves and inspiration into the routine.  They will learn how dance is a free and fun way to be fit and keep exercise in their everyday lives. Youth will be ready for a routine to perform for a family night or talent show.

Wellness Workshops:  Digital Vibez offers a series of classes comprised of 6 one-hour workshops that focus on health, nutrition, wellness, dance and overall fitness.
Delivered weekly by trained instructors, Wellness Workshops engage youth in physical activity while promoting health and wellness. Each participant receives a pedometer and a journal to write about their fitness experience, including goals, accomplishments and pedometer steps.

Digital DJ-ing: Topics in this course include:  business startup, equipment, music, event management, and entertaining. Students will learn how to setup, test, troubleshoot, and break down professional DJ gear in addition to learning how to build a varied and extensive music collection.

Computer Building and Basics: Topics covered include, but are not limited to the basic hardware and software of a computer system, such as the motherboard, video cards, and operating systems. Students will set up a basic computer system, install software and drivers, and resolve conflicts using basic troubleshooting techniques. This class is also for the first time computer user, but it’s also intended for those whose familiarity with computers is limited and who want a better understanding of the basics. It’s also geared towards anyone who has not grown up with a personal computer and now needs to acquire the same assuredness of the younger “internet-surfing” generation.

Web Design:  Youth will design and publish their own website with the powerful, yet user-friendly web editor Adobe Dreamweaver.  They will enhance their creation using the toolsets of Adobe Flash, Wacom pen tablets, and Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn how to hand-code HTML and design creative text effects with customized graphics.

Photo and Video Production:  Youth will learn about angles and editing in this class.  They will be working with Photoshop and create unique images and work on a scrapbook to take home.
KidsFit Jamathon:  This event takes place annually.  We serve about 3,000 youth and staff in Palm Beach County at this event.  We have health and fitness information and demonstrations, healthy goody bags, and lots of dancing.

If any of these programs are interesting to you, please click here to visit our contact us page. We will be happy to provide you with more information!