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DELCAMP Mentoring

Digital Expressions is a one-of-a-kind program that combines some of our most popular programs to create a meaningful song and video that the youth create themselves! Creative expression is a well-known strategy for stress reduction, an outlet to channel strong emotions in a safe way, and can strengthen and unify a community. Youth will learn healthy and creative ways to express themselves in a safe environment. There will be opportunities for team building, cooperative learning, creative expression, and hands-on learning experiences.


The Literacy through Lyrics component will guide youth through the songwriting process. They will brainstorm meaningful topics and expand their vocabulary, finding a new love for reading and writing.


During the Audio Production component, participants will use professional audio and recording equipment to create their own unique beats and rhythms to the song they are creating. They will use iPads, turntables, sound booth, microphones and other professional equipment.


During the Visual Production component, youth will learn how to use state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, and equipment. Your students will help put the whole experience together in a video for your site!


During the Dance component, youth will make up a dance to the song that they wrote and produced. They will express themselves through the art of dance and help choreograph their own group routine.


The last component of Digital Expressions is our acclaimed Family Night. Digital Vibez will host an exciting event with a DJ, MC, professional sound, lighting and equipment where the youth will perform their song live in front of their friends and families.