Numerous studies have demonstrated that afterschool programs, like the ones offered by Digital Vibez, Inc., make a real difference for children, families and communities. The Afterschool Alliance cites that 6.5 million children who are benefiting from afterschool programs offer powerful evidence of their value. However, millions of others have no afterschool programs available to them. Right now, more than 14 million children are unsupervised after the school day ends. Studies show that regular participation in high-quality afterschool programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores, as well as improved work habits, social skills and overall behavior. The Harvard Family Research Project asserts that the youth development outcomes associated with afterschool programs are:


  • Decreased behavioral problems
  • Improved social and communication skills
  • Improved relationships with others including peers, teachers and parents
  • Increased community involvement and broadened world view
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

Benefits of Arts

Physiologically, the human brain consists of 2 parts, the left and the right hemisphere.  The left brain is used in logical thinking and analytical processes.  This is typically what is trained in school work that consists of math, reading and science.  The right brain is used in emotional perception, intuition and creativity.  It is the right brain that is mainly used when a person is involved in creative endeavors such as making art, dancing, creative problem solving etc. It is this part of the brain that typical school environment neglects to train. We believe that this kind of brain development is most important to the development of who you are. Our Arts programs are designed to help the right side of your brain grow into a more creative, loving, and imaginative individual.

Benefits of Technology

Technology is everywhere and provides us with a myriad of benefits. When used correctly, technology can vastly improve a child’s cognitive development. Skills such as: problem solving, hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, and better language skills are just some of the benefits of exposing your child to technology.

Benefits of Wellness/Fitness

Encouraging physical health will also benefit the children in ways that include:

  • Promoting healthy muscles, bones, and blood circulation
  • Improving diet with healthy eating habits
  • Reducing common or inherited unhealthy risk factors
  • Improving self-image, confidence, and self-worth
  • Advancing emotional and social growth
  • Developing patience, strength and tolerance
  • Building a strong foundation and expanding dance skills
  • Being a part of a group and working with differences