This is our newest Program! We are combining 4 of our most popular programs into one, to give your site a little bit of everything, using our professional equipment. Literacy through Lyrics: Youth will expand their vocabulary and find a new love for reading and writing as they create their own lyrics and record a song! Dance: Youth will be engaged in physical activity to promote wellness while using team building and positive music to nurture their relationships and self-esteem. Youth will have fun learning steps and infusing their own moves and inspiration into the routine.  They will learn how dance is a free and fun way to be fit and keep exercise in their everyday lives. Digital DJ-ing: Students will learn how to setup, test, troubleshoot, and break down professional DJ gear in addition to learning how to build a varied and extensive music collection. Photo/Video:  Youth will learn about angles using professional equipment. $2,000 for 8 weeks.

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