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Annual Event

KidsFit Jamathon®

dance, stay fit, and live healthy lives!

About Our Jamathon®

This year will be our 13th annual KidsFit Jamathon®! It will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 2024 at the South Florida Fairgrounds. 


KidsFit Jamathon® is an innovative, interactive, concert-like experience for youth that motivates and inspires them to dance, stay fit, and live healthier lives! This is an annual summer wellness/fitness event hosted by Digital Vibez, Inc. The Jamathon® offers a professional concert atmosphere with music, dance performances, amazing sound, stage and lighting. Raffles, prizes, trophies, and ribbons are given so the kids are encouraged to move and participate. There are opportunities for the youth to be in the spotlight on stage and to participate in the acclaimed dance contest. The winning sites of the dance contest receive a cash prize!


In addition to the exceptional concert, there is a Kidz Zone area full of Interactive Games, Obstacle Courses, Bounce Houses, music, fitness activities, and healthy snacks. Thanks to our partners and funders we are able to give the youth a multifaceted fitness event that they will not forget. This conglomeration of activities encourages youth to adopt healthy behaviors to help combat childhood obesity while doing something they love.


The KidsFit Jamathon® is now one of the largest youth dance fitness concerts in the nation, with thousands of participants in multiple locations!

Our Partners and Sponsors